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las innovaciones que te interesan asistiendo a presentaciones visionarias y a través de las sesiones paralelas interactivas.


con los expertos que han desarrollado tus soluciones favoritas y comparte tus experiencias con otros profesionales del sector.


actividades específicas para este evento y comprueba cómo estamos impulsando el progreso humano juntos

VMworld 2021


Rethink technology. Redefine business. Reframe community.

AMERICAS |  October 5 – 6, 2021
ASIA PACIFIC | October 6 – 7, 2021
EMEA | October 6 – 7,  2021

This year General Pass is free.


How to build Cyber Resilience during the Rise of Ransomware”


90-minute workshop to find out how Dell Technologies and VMware can help you Identify Risk, Prevent, Detect, Respond and Recover your data. Plus, hear from guest speaker Lisa Forte, Social Engineering & Cyber Security Expert.

Protection in the Age of Ransomware


Join Michael Dell, award-winning journalist Bill Whitaker, cyber security experts and business leaders for a special report on protecting your data and organization in the age of ransomware. Gain global insights and perspectives on the impact of cyberattacks, what the future holds and recommendations on how to ensure your organization is prepared.

Blockchain Technology: The New Foundation for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Accelerating from pilot to production with IBM and Dell Technologies.

2021 has created new IT challenges and opportunities for every company as businesses rethink their digital strategies, and expand their digital boundaries with workflow-enabled, trusted data exchange.

Industry sources report that the majority of blockchain networks that transition from pilot to production will run on private enterprise blockchain platforms, and private blockchains will become the main contributor to the blockchain market growth in 2021.

Why? Private blockchains deliver new productivity gains, better transparency, more trust, improve reliability, better cost control, enhance security and higher efficiency.

IBM and Dell Technologies have joined forces on Blockchain to allow you to:

  • Simplify Deployment
  • Scale Competitive Advantages
  • Deploy with Multi-cloud Flexibility/Ease of Use

Tanzu Customer Experience Day


Opportunity to step into the world of application modernization. Join us to discover how Enterprise Architects and Operations Teams are making the cloud native shift with VMware’s Tanzu and Dell Technologies. Hear firsthand how IT organizations are evolving their portfolios, accelerating introduction of new functionality, and becoming integral to their organizations top business priorities.

Congreso ASLAN 2021

ASLAN 2021

Digitalización Es Futuro

28 años consecutivos y la edición de 2021 será transcendental. Vivimos un cambio de paradigma sin precedentes, en el que la tecnología es una prioridad para empresas y gobiernos. La capacidad de resiliencia de las organizaciones, de ofrecer mejores servicios y de afrontar los grandes retos de esta década, dependen de los equipos de transformación digital.

El Congreso & EXPO ASLAN 2021, ofrecerá una visión completa de los avances en innovación TI y ciberseguridad de los partners tecnológicos que están colaborando para afrontar con éxito este gran reto, así como las experiencias de CIOs/CTOs/CISOs que están liderando grandes proyectos de digitalización en sectores clave como la sanidad, industria o finanzas.

Dell Technologies World 2021: The digital future is here


Join us at Dell Technologies World as we explore the innovative technologies that are delivering on the promises and possibilities of our data-driven world. Sign up now for our free, two-day digital event to see how you can harness the transformative power of today’s technology–and be ready for whatever comes next. 

Agenda at ,

The intelligent cloud: CloudFest 2021

CloudFest 2021

The Intelligent Cloud allows AI to manage and distribute complex workloads, with smart tools that make interoperability and scale more cost-effective and efficient. It’s a tech paradigm that is developing further each day, and CloudFest will help pave the way for its maturity. In 2019 we focused on Hyperscale Enablement, and this year we’ll explore how artificial intelligence can maximize the interoperability—and opportunity— that this allows.

Humans have been trying to create AI for over 60 years, but other technological building blocks had to be arranged—each a milestone in its own right—in order to get us to where we are today; and where we’re poised to reach tomorrow. The amount of processing power and the speed of data throughput required for high-performance artificial intelligence place functional AI squarely in the Cloud’s wheelhouse



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