VMworld 2021


Rethink technology. Redefine business. Reframe community.

AMERICAS |  October 5 – 6, 2021
ASIA PACIFIC | October 6 – 7, 2021
EMEA | October 6 – 7,  2021

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How to build Cyber Resilience during the Rise of Ransomware”


90-minute workshop to find out how Dell Technologies and VMware can help you Identify Risk, Prevent, Detect, Respond and Recover your data. Plus, hear from guest speaker Lisa Forte, Social Engineering & Cyber Security Expert.


Tanzu Customer Experience Day


Opportunity to step into the world of application modernization. Join us to discover how Enterprise Architects and Operations Teams are making the cloud native shift with VMware’s Tanzu and Dell Technologies. Hear firsthand how IT organizations are evolving their portfolios, accelerating introduction of new functionality, and becoming integral to their organizations top business priorities.

Dell Technologies World 2021: The digital future is here


Join us at Dell Technologies World as we explore the innovative technologies that are delivering on the promises and possibilities of our data-driven world. Sign up now for our free, two-day digital event to see how you can harness the transformative power of today’s technology–and be ready for whatever comes next. 

Agenda at https://www.delltechnologies.com/en-us/events/delltechnologiesworld/agenda.htm ,

VMworld 2020

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Tracks in: App Modernization, Multi-Cloud, Intrinsic Security, Digital Workspace, Virtual Cloud Network, Vision and Innovation and Telco 5G.

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