SUSE Edge 3.0: The new frontier of innovation

The challenges and complexities of deployment of cloud-native applications and infrastructure at the edge, and how SUSE’s Edge 3.0 platform offers a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive solution, covering deployment footprints, technical capabilities and features, and a look at the road ahead.

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Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the transformative world of edge computing with a spotlight on SUSE’s cutting-edge technologies – Elemental and Akri. In an era where low latency, high bandwidth, and local processing capabilities are paramount, understanding and harnessing the power of edge computing has become essential for businesses across industries.

SUSECon 2023

SUSECon 2023

SUSECON is the annual global conference for SUSE customers, partners and community enthusiasts, providing information to meet the technical needs and business challenges of the enterprise IT customer. Here you find open source solutions for your business needs based in Linux, Kubernetes and Edge computing.