How to Adopt to Digitalization with Kubernetes


As organizations complete the first stage of digitization, functions across the company are starting to leverage distributed computing and cloud native services to drive efficiency in their operations.

However, as IT becomes increasingly app-centric, organizations’ infrastructure management is quickly becoming too complex to optimize internally and deploy applications efficiently.

As the tidal wave of digital innovation continues, CSPs need to transform their service models, creating new offerings that unburden developers from the most laborious and time-consuming parts of managing their cloud environments.

As the CSP market shifts and more providers start offering Kubernetes platforms, the winners will be those who are able to add most value to developers, helping them deploy applications faster and at the lowest cost.

In this discussion, Kevin Rhone and Rob Strechay, Senior Analysts at ESG join speakers from Red Hat and Dell Technologies to discuss the app-ification of corporate IT and explore best practices for building out Kubernetes based platforms to drive long-term value for organizations.

Topics for discussion include: – What IT teams are looking for in the next phase of digital transformation – Why CSPs need to rework their service models to offer more flexible and cost-effective solutions – How Red Hat and Dell Technologies are working together to provide CSPs with easy-to-use solutions to help them offer clients integrated platforms which empower developers and optimize their IT spend.

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TechTalk. Una plataforma. Posibilidades ilimitadas.

¿Cómo puedes hacer frente a todos estos desafíos de seguridad y agilidad, mientras innovas y garantizas la estabilidad?
Las empresas se encuentran en una encrucijada, y abordar estos problemas de transformación es crucial si quieren seguir siendo competitivas en la era digital.
Con nuestra plataforma Red Hat Enterprise Linux, facilitamos la gestión de entornos complejos; puedes configurar, implementar y administrar tus entornos a escala, desde el centro de datos hasta el perímetro (Edge).
La adopción de esta plataforma inteligente es especialmente adecuada para el desarrollo de aplicaciones nativas de la nube y es posible gracias a Red Hat OpenShift, nuestra plataforma de orquestación de contenedores.
Para optimizar el rendimiento de tu infraestructura, la automatización es una herramienta especialmente eficaz y Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform te permitirá escalar a medida.

Hybrid Cloud Congress

Hybrid Cloud Conference

Hybrid Cloud Congress on 18 January 2022 is all about the business benefits born out of combining and unifying public cloud and private cloud services to create a single, flexible, agile and cost-optimal IT infrastructure.

Learn how establishing a strategic hybrid cloud can align IT resources with business and application needs to accelerate optimal business outcomes and achieve excellence in the cloud.

Key takeaways from the event:
● Tips to optimize your hybrid cloud management
● Delivering a better customer experience with hybrid cloud
● How to secure and govern your hybrid cloud
● How to unleash the power of data in your hybrid cloud
● Driving application innovation in your hybrid cloud
● How to increase internal productivity and collaboration to help solve external challenge

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